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1. The Present

Looking outwards there is the past and the future, looking inwards there is the eternal state of now. The present is that short period of time when the inner and outer worlds establish a connection. Just like when we cut a cake in half with a knife, of those two pieces of cake, one piece is the past, the other is the present and there is no ‘now’ in between them. ‘Now’ is in the knife, in the hand that holds the knife, in the mind that controls that hand; it is the thoughts of that mind that separate the past and the future. No one can live in the past, and no one can live in the future, only in the present do we have body temperature, metabolism; the present is the one and only form of existence. If we allow our minds to drown in the past or struggle to control the future our bodies that are here and now will be but a hollow shell. The meaningfulness of the existence of the past and the future is to be found in living every moment of the present.


2. A Sense of Direction

When your efforts have a sense of direction, even taking a pause or going backwards are a part of making progress.


3. Each in their own place, for a harmonious society

Each in their own place, for harmonious society. This means the unlimited acceptance of a variety of different value systems, under the guarantee of a certain level of material conditions, allowing each individual to see their long-cherished wishes fulfilled, whilst the group shares in the boundless benefits. In terms of administration, it must be ensured that each life continues smoothly along its own tracks, remaining at peace within the social system, doing as one pleases without overstepping the mark. In terms of the material, production that can be increased without limits will replace competition that is forever limited, with each person working to the best of their abilities and taking whatever they need. In terms of the spritiual, each person has their own faith and people help each other, leading to unlimited spiritual riches. In terms of the emotional, love has no bounds, and hate plays only a supporting role. Limitless variety grows together within the whole, creating automatic harmony whilst various social organisms develop on their own.

4. Central Values

Central values are the source of innate and irreplacable values. They are the force that constantly transforms the secrets hidden in the depths of reality into common knowledge. They are the movement of universal energy that creates trends, deciding the future of the world’s mainstream culture.

5. Chaos

It is not true that nothing existed before the materialisation of mankind and objects. In the profound depths of the immaterial world, the movement of energy does not remain still even for a moment, creating transformations between the real and unreal, exchanges between yin and yang. The state of chaos does not exist in any co-ordinate of time and space, it must be experienced and understood in the state of chaos. Chaos is a series of almost imperceptible changes without a beginning or an end, through the conduction of various mediums, energy gradually obtains a form, slowly it develops its unique characteristics, as those characteristics become more established, they produce their own limitations.

When we come to this world everything starts to become clear. We have an independent body, gender and social classification, the patterns of our inner flexibility are externalised as rigid rules, the interaction of yin and yang that was once self-satisfied within the state of chaos requires a member of the opposite sex to be completed. The relationship between the sexes often experience some friction in their coming together, due to discrepancies in our characters, status, environment and other such factors, rather than being a more fluid transition. The flowing waters of the state of chaos turn into the crossovers of intervals in the tangible world. From hidden possibilities to living phenomena to rigid reality, everything exists already, it is revealed only in passing.

In fact, chaos is omnipresent even in the material world. What we refer to as matter, as form, is nothing but a drop in the ocean of the expanse of chaos. As for the collision of media in the world, the meeting of forms, the connection between events - these partial moments of clarity add up to the massive entirety of chaos, and for this reason alone, do we have the chance to seek out the source of energy that lies before the birth of form, to realise the relationship between micro and macro, to attribute the inherent and clear limitations of life to the state of chaos and to thereby attain a state without limitations.

6. Classicism

The idea of Classicism refers to taking what is agreed upon as a collective consciousness of a people with a shared experience within the parameters of a certain time and space, and to create from that representative works of art.  Classicism has a communal background, and is produced in relation to its context, it gradually builds up to form collective memory. With the passing of time, as each generation departs, taking with them their collective memories, those that follow on from them can only seek out clues from what has been documented, leading to the gradual fading of the original classics. There are two situations wherein the classics do not fade: the first is that even when removed from its original context, the work is full of the hopes common to humanity, such as appeals to the emotions, or demands of technique and so on; the other possibility is that the classicism of the work leads to its being transmitted through the ages together with its context, to become an example for future generations to enjoy, such as the urinal by Duchamp.

7. Perceiving the Trends

The major trends of history are beyond the sway of human ambition; mankind’s true value can only be realised by following such trends. Whether it is a case of contrary reaction leading to a person going against the trends, like a praying mantis trying to stop a horse and cart, or a case of active pioneering leading to a person going with the trends, like a praying mantis pushing a horse and cart along, in both cases we see the same overrating of one’s own abilities.  Naturally we are concerned with important events and turning points, but what is more significant is that the direction pursued by those who can predict future changes and expedite those changes is in keeping with the river-bed of historical evolution, creating ever more convergences of consensus. The undercurrents of history ferment the trends, sweeping along the collective unconscious, driving the emergence of phenomena accordingly. The world would keep turning just the same with the absence of any one of us. Therefore the entirety of our wisdom lies in finding a direction in accordance with the deeper trends, realising harmony between the subject and the object. In the year 6 B.C. the teachings of the Dharma made their way east from India to China, here we see a perception of the trend of the development of Buddhism in the future. When the Bodhidharma spent nine years facing the wall in meditation during the Northern Wei dynasty, he was awaiting an opportunity.

8. Polymer

In the worlds of the material and immaterial, the smallest of monomers is still the polymer of even smaller elements. Therefore, our own lives are in fact temporary polymers of the vastness of time and space, evolving within the packaging of our skins, constantly transcending the demise of the individual through the act of reproduction. Where there is coming together there must be falling apart, when the withered physical body is consumed by fierce flames and turned into ashes, the temporary polymer disintegrates, and is scattered to the four winds. Indestructible matter and the immaterial continue to seek their next chance of coming together amongst the chaotic world in which real and unreal co-create, entering into a new vehicle by chance to be reborn, endlessly producing new derivatives. Perhaps the soft tissues at the end of one finger in this life will become a moment of inexplicable emotion in the next, maybe the blood on a blade of ancient times will change into a computer virus, perhaps the chance experience of a climax will merge with a signal transmitted from outer space … owing to the limitlessness of various types and channels, the process of coming together and falling apart truly crosses the barriers of life and death, traversing the two freely.

9. The Invisible Present

Owing to the greatness of distance, however fast the speed of light is, it still takes eight minutes and nineteen seconds to travel from the sun to the earth. The sun which we see is always the sun of 8.19 minutes ago.  In that case, the moon that we see is the moon of 1.28 seconds ago, and what we see one kilometre before us is what was there 3.34 microseconds ago, and when two people are face to face, no more than a metre apart, what they see is the other person as they were 3.34 nano-seconds ago. No matter how close we come, what we see is the past, we will never see the true face of the present.

10. Reliability

When we praise someone as being reliable, the standards for being reliable are in a state of constant change, continuing in their silent song. We travel along the lines of coincidence to acknowledge certainty. If one says the right thing at the right time, or does the right thing at the right stage, they will contribute to the effect of the advancement of things, using the word ‘right’ proves that there is a constantly changing standard there waiting for us. Reliability is in fact remaining in a state close to the rules, following the ever changing standard, fusing with the imperceptible certainty to drive the fluid state, singing out loud, making the endless music score sound in the present moment.

11. Inspiration

Inspiration can be divided into two categories: one-way and multi-dimensional.  One-way inspiration gathers and finally makes a breakthrough, clearing obstructions away to reveal the answer to a question. Multi-dimensional inspiration occurs in a moment’s thought, bursting into an immensity of information and a relationship of extreme clarity, illuminating for a moment the chaotic world, and when the moment has passed, one finds that given all the words in the world it is still difficult to explain.

12. Spirituality

Spirituality is the universal connection between the spirit and life, greater than the combination of rationality and sensitivity, those who hear the call are driven by their sensitivity, seek their path through rationality and finally convert to spirituality.

13. The Rare State of Confusion

‘The Rare State of Confusion’ implies using chaos to solve problems, blurring real limitations by grasping the entirety, ploughing through the trivial, following the rules of phenomena that come and go, going beyond contradictions in order to save time trying to resolve those contradictions, making life go farther and farther into the waves of time.

14. Flowing out of Introversion

All brothers and sisters who are of an introverted disposition tend to see the world through a screen. If, being introverted, they find it difficult to open up, why is it that even the most introverted of people have their close friends? Close friends that they could tell anything? Identifying with others assists their feeling of superiority. The introvert’s character is like a glass, we charge about inside unable to get out, the only way out is to wait for the water to overflow, the water overflows into a bigger glass, more water is added and it overflows again, and so on and so on until the water is like an ocean, that could overfill a glass of any size. The water is strength and transcendence, by causing the increase to extend beyond the screen, when subjective superiority is given objective recognition, it can establish a relationship between the internal and external, causing an outpouring of the introversion, that is broad as the ocean.

15. Imperceptible Changes

Imperceptible changes, means the movements and changes that occur beyond the world of common knowledge as it can be realised by humanity.

16. Youthful Spirit

As for social life and the changes that come along with the advancement of civilization, using the labels “70’s”, “80’s” or “90’s” to make distinctions, shows an inability to recognise the true situation, resorting to dividing people up into their year groups like a classroom monitor.

In fact, the boundless movements of universal energy start in a period of chaos, gradually gathering an innate power, creating an intangible trend of certainty, that first sweeps along the collective unconscious, then gradually penetrates the subconscious, an astute minority of people will perceive this in their subconscious and actively bring it to the level of consciousness, and through the application of effort realise it, becoming an avant garde that reveal the trends before they are widely known.

The process of brain-washing that trends have on the subconscious is the precursor to the acceptance of new ideas beyond the structure of accepted knowledge. The trend is like the rushing waves of a great whirlpool, disturbing the form of the currents, the people most easily swept along are those whose view of the world is still at a formative stage, people in this stage are mostly youths, which is why there is the tendency to classify social cultural phenomena according to age groups. If we persist in this tendency, taking the malleability of youth as the only chance to dance with the currents, then we are certain to be unwise to the trends, following the currents blindly, our vivality will eventually be spent. The time will come when the beach-goers, once tempted by the sands of time, walk out of their youthful years. Then they will look at the waters flowing away and cannot but feel helpless.

Only those who do not persist in phenomena, but grasp the truth; only those who can combine the realization of the individual life with the imperceptible rules of nature; only those who plunge from the currents into the depths of the greater trends at work -  only they can perceive the trend, and move forward with it. Reaching such a state has nothing to do with age. This is the only way to transcend the withering of the youthful physical body, and to gain a youthful spirit that cosntantly renews itself.

17. Emotions and Reason

When we are led by the heart, there is no reason to speak of and when we stand for reason, we can become heartless. The most important thing is for a person to find the constantly changing point of balance between the emotions and reason, and to go along with its ups and downs, this kind of balance is what is known as being in tune with the emotions and with reason.

18. The Strength of Weakness

By taking a step back we have a chance to understand the standpoint of the other person; by taking another step back, perhaps we can understand where they are coming from; stepping back as far as one can go is to reach the level of omnipresent connection, from there we can access the routes to the formless world, connect with the source of the universe, make weakness into a kind of universal power that allows one to attain peace of mind and tolerance.

19. The Classicism of the Avant Garde Trinity of Fashion

When the avant garde breaks into virgin ground, the results of their searching, in time, becomes new fashions. Fashions based upon a broad collective memory, in time, become classics. It is an endless ecologial chain, as time diffuses the rage of the avant garde, it gives birth to new rebels; as time dwindles away the moment of enthusiasm for a fashion, it produces new cravings; finally the wheat is separated from the chaff and enters into the classics, a trinity, blazing in the night sky.

20. The Difference Between Good and Evil

During a time of natural disaster, whoever took an extra bite to eat, posed a threat to the lives of others, and was therefore considered evil. Nowadays, at meals, we all tell each other to tuck in, even so, there is often leftovers and waste, which we call a sign of times of plenty, overeating has changed from evil to good.  This just goes to show that the difference between good and evil is decided by material conditions.

A third party in a marriage is often seen as evil, but if the original family is dissolved because of that affair, and the person involved marries their lover, society will protect the new family and consider them good, because marriage is the harmony that society demands from the relationships between man and woman, thereby we can see that there is no intrinsic good or evil, only what is identified according to the current moral standards and socially recognised conditions.

21. Good and Evil

There is no such thing as good or evil in the world. Good and evil stem from desire, and desire is a natural part of being human, to deny desire is to go against our nature. The motive behind social development is to satisfy the desires of mankind, the ultimate direction is to satisfy the every desire of every person, even if that is impossible to achieve, we can get ever closer to it.  Along the path to that ultimate direction, the limitations of individual phases determine temporary standards of good and evil. The current level of resources cannot satisfy all the desires of all people, society must make peace where there are disputes between individuals, in order to satisfy as many desires as possible with the current amount of resources, demands that are fortunate enough to enter into the state of peace must be called ‘good’, desires unfortunate enough to remain outside the state of peace are seen as ‘evil’. As the ethics of scoial development evolve, some unsatisfied desires can gradually reach satisfaction, some previously unacceptable characteristics can gradually be understood, the process of making peace allows for an ever broader spectrum of desires, previous evils are accepted, one by one, as good, and finally become a part of the world at one.

22. Creation

Each and every available fact is the result of universal movement. Today includes all yesterdays, embracing all forgotten people, events and objects, even the unrevealed undercurrents; in the same way, today will also be engulfed by tomorrow, to be born again.

23. Internet Reality

Misjudgements in the virtual world have already been exonerated, the Internet changes our lives in such a real way, a world that appears as soon as we plug into the electricity, and start the programs running. Actually, this world existed hundreds of millions of years ago, it only went undiscovered because the conditions for finding the path to it were not available. If even hackers can discover seemingly non-existent contact, then the world of the internet must surely contain hidden signals of the past, just waiting there for the ultimate hacker to take history and lay it bare. Let those times that surpass our current understanding continue to be eventually revealed, breaking ever further through the boundary between fantasy and reality.

24. Great Art

Subjectively speaking, great art must satisfy three conditions:

1. Accuracy is the ability to express your aim with concision, it incorporates the combination of your knowledge, technique, intelligence and experience. 2. Reality, meaning the reality of life and of art, combined in the depths of your heart, which rejects the traps of the unsubstantial, utilitarian and foolish, it is the pursuit at the beginning and the end of art, it is the reason to exist as an artist. 3. Freedom is the territory that is comprehended and realized on the path of constant breakthrough from the boundaries of ‘self’ and ‘history’. It is the ambition of art.

Objectively speaking, great art takes one of three forms:

1. It combines the values of its times with the life of the individual, and passes on those values through a unique artistic form, that is art of the times. 2. On that basis, whilst perceiving the movement of time and space, at critical moments in historical development, artistic creation adds to that momentum, that is a turning point, art that defines the times. 3. Transcending time and space, joining the ancient past to the momentary, vast and exquisite, using the artistic form to present profound universal values, this is art that transcends the times.
Great art, resembling an act of nature in its perfection!

25. Culture

Culture is the chemical reaction produced when the flow of various contexts meet. The process is one of civilization and change, ‘civilization’ that may be arranged clearly into different categories and ‘change’ which is the overall integration of blurred boundaries. Civilization is like the culinary arts: various types of food, condiments, process, temperature all carried out to the letter; change is like consuming food: a combining and digesting that preserves the nutrition and discards the waste.  Civilization requires digestion, therefore you could say that civilization is the preparation and change is the goal. Civilization can be divided into innumerable scenes that flow into the annals of history, whereas change wanders freely in the clouds without rest. Civilization is the sea of knowledge, whilst change is the shore of wisdom.

26. Dramatics

It is the dramatic moments of life that are unforgettable. There are masterstrokes hidden in the drama that occurs here and there, before we have time to digest them they are covered over by new storylines. As long as God is unwilling to put down his brush, the dust will never settle, it will continue to float in mid-air. Drama concentrates the trivia of life, it connects a hundred threads to the power source of meaning, it joins up the pieces of human life, transplanting meaning into the interactions between characters, activating potential associations. For those who cannot see through phenomena, there is no choice but to hang around waiting for drama, but for those who feel the broader connection, every detail of their life is connected to the script.

27. Revelation

There is an unlimited world of the immaterial connected to and concealed behind the material world.  Why is it that some people seem to have prior knowledge of the direction of development? It is because they are able to find the connection to the future in the clues from the past and the present. With the advancement of time more and more talented people come to the same conclusion, which proves that there was  a future that truly existed, waiting for us there all along, The past, present and future are a pre-existent whole, when we pass through we simply enter into a part of the whole. Everything is pre-existent, revealed only in passing.

28. The Real World and the World of Energy

Through the complex visions the world presents, behind reality lies omnipresent opportunities, beneath opportunity are the imperceptible changes of trends, the depths of which are the movements of boundless universal energy. The real world and the world of energy are a pair of external and internal counterparts, and so looking at it another way, the movement of the boundless of the universe decides the trends, the trends create opportunity and opportunity changes the direction of the moment to come.

29. Micro universe

In absolute terms, everything that we see is the external world, only because in our physical structure our system of perception is linked to the brain, and so we are able to discriminate the boundary between the biological self and the external world. As the biological self, for the whole of our lives, the life of man cannot exceed the span of his limbs, or assume  aposition other than the basic positions of laying, sitting or standing. It is in such a state of absolute limitation that we live our lives, and select the occurrences of the external world according to our own subjective wishes. For example, when you feel tired of the city, you do what you are able, within the reach of your hands and feet, you get into the car and you drive, the scenes before you begin to recede, after a while, the sights of the countryside enter your field of vision.  If, for example, you like someone, within the reach of your hands and your feet, you may experience the journey of meetings and separations, of joy and sorrow with that person. By being deeply involved in such experiences, one has the opportunity to activate the core energy of the self, and set off the micro-universe, let the frame-by-frame animation of external life expand around your heart, and by doing so reach the elevated state of being able to change the environment to suit your own wishes.

30. Eternal Message

Owing to time difference in the universe, our pasts never disappear, they only set out from their origin, and one after another, emerge here and there, upon an endless and boundless radial journey, broadcast and floating towards more distant stars in turn, their signals appearing at ever more distant locations, but never disappearing.  As far as the universe is concerned, Confucius could take back his ancient exclamation that “time waits for no man”.

31. Form

The wind is an invisible force, the clouds are a revelation of the wind’s presence, when the wind blows the clouds surge like a wave. There is an unchanging and indivisible relationship between the visible world and the immaterial world, or the world without form. Within the structure of ‘form’ itself, ‘shape’ comes from ‘state’ and ‘state’ is born of ‘shape’.  ‘State’ is the surreptitious, ever-moving inner energy; ‘shape’ is the relatively stable, visible moments produced by the inner energy, the changes that provide new energy for the immaterial world. The relationship between different ‘shapes’ is the entirety of the visible world, they flash into being out of the immaterial world, revealing the truth of the common connections at the depths of reality, allowing us the chance to become voyeurs to the imperceptible changes of the “uncommon way”, allowing us to wait on the sidelines to discover the password, to open the gateway to the immaterial world.

32. Morphology of the World Around Us

The relationship between ‘shape’ and ‘state’ is omnipresent. Whoever is able to grasp the imperceptible changes of the movement of trends, and accurately reveal the ‘state’ in a ‘form’ set in a specific time and space, at that moment the image and the truth will become one. However, it is a grave error to imagine that by grasping the form it is possible to grasp the truth, that is to show no regard for the changing world around us; the trend of events is always changing and so new forms are born. One should only follow the states if planning to retreat, in order to advance it is essential to create waves and revelations. It is the same in every line of business. For example in commerce, if one can make accurate revelations of the trend of events, one will gain the opportunity in business. In politics, if one can perceive the trend of development and move with it, one will become a political success. It is the same for art, if an artist’s works are able to present the experience of the individual along with the trend of events in the form of a specific time and space, it will strike a chord in the collective unconscious of others, and become representative of its times. If an artist’s creations do not seek to be novel they will eventually be detained by the times, and even as artworks they will be locked up in the time that saw their creation.  If an artist is creative but moves against the direction of the trend of events, their work will be devoid of the meaning of sharing and of little value.

Only by revealing the state through form can artistic creation be reborn in each new present time.

33. Thousand Years in One Step

The 20th century sees the development of mankind accelerating, heading towards an unpredictable future. Just as a tiny hard drive can now contain the contents of a library, one thousand years from now, virtual interactions will replace material life, to become the new mainstream. Mankind no longer requires communication, when there is instant understanding; mankind no longer need exert himself, when he can get what he needs at the touch of a button; he has no further need to labour in order to control his surroundings, there is no need for administration when all people have their needs automatically fulfilled, and retire when they are weary. By that time interactions of desire will be relegated to a world of chaos, completely self-satisfied, the interaction between states will be born of a whim, coming and going as it pleases; the spirituality of mankind will respond to the universal source of energy, and thereby transcend the physical form and pass freely between the realms of the living and the dead, moving between the past and the future at ease.  A person will be able to dismiss their body at will, and draw it back together again at any moment. With our present physical forms, even if we shot ahead to one thousand years in the future, the high level of evolution in the state of living would be invisible to the naked eye.  Perhaps all we would see are some ruined Ru porcelain from the Song dynasty, and the remains of a flyover. One step back and we’re in the Song dynasty, one step forwards and we’re another thousand years down the line.

34. A Fantasy

Fantasy can open the heavens, because miracles are only another layer of normality.


35. The Material and Immaterial Worlds

The material and immaterial worlds are in essence two parts of a whole.The material world refers to what mankind in his current state is able to perceive and what is counted as common knowledge; the immaterial world refers to everything beyond the material world. Because the two worlds are delineated based upon their level of perceivability, the divide between the two is slightly different for each person. Take for example the certain psychological connections present in the peculiar actions of someone in ill health, they seem to be of the material world to a psychologist, yet they seem to be entirely of the immaterial world to the patient. The rules of art, for example, seem immaterial to a physicist, whilst the laws of physics appear the same to the artist. The more we understand innate rules, the less we will be confused by phenomena. In reality, if a person’s cognitive level is significantly lower than the average, their life will be full of passive experiences, a sad life. When a person’s cognitive exploration goes far beyond that of mankind’s current state, at the same time as experiencing the most fulfilled spiritual life, he will gradually lose his natural drive for life because he cannot come back down to earth as it is at present, he will be unable to settle on any particular time in history because all of his drive for life is in the realm of phenomena. True freedom means the ability to constantly transcend limitation. In the process by which the secrets in the depths of reality become common knowledge, such a person will shuttle between the material and immaterial worlds, dancing with the boundaries, travelling together with existence and non-existence.

36. Universal Signals

A snowflake falls from the sky to a point on the earth. That point was waiting for it.  No matter how strong a wind is blowing, or how far it has been blown, these external factors all contribute to its finding that final resting place. When we start at the beginning, everything that comes at us seems to be coincidental, when we look back in hindsight, everything seems inevitable. Seeing as that is so, on our way, why do we not move in the direction of our hopes and dreams placing our faith in inevitability, seeing every coincidence as a signal from the universe? If we did so, each summons would bring us closer to finally approaching our dreams.

37. Truths are Similar, Illusions are Varied

In the pursuit of the truth, we will see many various illusions, causing discrepancies of point of view and standpoint.  Exploration provides us with coordinates in different directions, as we seek out the path to the truth. However, if we place ourselves amongst contradictions and opposition, we will become stuck on that level, unable to proceed, caught between offense and defence. In this kind of argument, winning and losing is only a matter of form, whereas truth is operational elsewhere. The wise appreciate the limited timespan of a human life, and do not get involved in the level of phenomena, instead they throw themselves body and soul into the search for a truth to which they get ever closer to but can never arrive at. They explore and do not struggle, to put it in more practical terms; the paths of the truth converge whilst the paths of the illusions are leads in all directions.

38. True Art

True art is not a sample of academia, or a goal in the market, it is not even a visible object, it is a moment when all things become as one, under the combined effect of natural revelation, and then one becomes two, two becomes three, and three becomes the omnipresence of all things once again. This kind of masterstroke eliminates the boundaries of the subjective and objective, merging with everyone at the scene.  Flawless technique allows the concept to blend into the experience, the rhythm of the heart takes off on a spiritual journey. This is where the work of the artist stops.

39. Intelligence

The universe so vast, and the earth so tiny, there is an abundance of energy out there. Energy-saving only proves that the evolution of mankind’s intelligence is progressing slower than the increase of his desires. The way to the immaterial world was opened up by Arabic numerals, lightning inspired mankind to invent electricity, the invention of the internet allows the world to come and go freely, the essence of religions activates the spiritual potential of life … every experience in which we obtain these mysterious energies proves that the inexhaustible supply of intelligence is the only insurance of being able to constantly turn the endless flow of universal power into new and reliable sources of energy.

40. In the End there is no Pinnacle of Achievement

Comparing height and competing for length is a common activity amongst mankind. Let us look for a moment at a greater sample of varying heights: Sultan Kosen of Turkey at a height of 2.47m overlooks many of us, the United Arab Emirates Burh Dubai at 828m high overlooks the buildings around it, Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world stands at 8844.43m above sea level, a space shuttle takes human activity as high as it can possibly go, above that the constellations move at great speeds along their own paths, hidden in their static appearance to the human eye, how do the stars compete for height? Once beyond the ozone layer, we find that the constant standard for measuring height is a man-made perspective, whereas in the vastness of space, competition for height is meaningless, there are only the differences in relative position. In the realm of the spiritual it is the same, once one has burst through the ‘ozone layer’ of the secular world, the only matter of importance is to find your own position and path. All things may be compared at their beginnings, but in the end all are equal.

41. Reincarnation

Reincarnation is the chance occurrence of reformation during the process of the disintegration of polymers. Owing to the fact that life is an endless process of re-integration and disintegration of elements, reincarnation can create a new form that is not necessarily anything like the original one; because the vast space of the universe contains all of the past, present and future, reincarnation is not necessarily a one way line to the future, it may also take one to the past.

42. Automatic Eternity

Many years from now the people of the future will find signals of communication in the places we have passed through, they will open up those stories, hidden for so long, and ask themselves about the true existence of eternity. Even though we cannot invent a machine to fly faster than the speed of light to reach ahead of it, in the distant future perhaps there will be an optical reflector device that will allow man to see the refraction of the past stories of earth from different light years away. Although even this will present a great difficulty, even the history of time cannot escape from the boundless universe, making each moment automatically eternal! In the white noise when we change from one frequency to the next on a radio receiver, therein lies the residual sound of the big bang.

43. Self-configuration

Self-configuration is an important part of self-development. It is neither the accumulation of strengths, nor the removal of flaws, it is instead bringing the current state of strength and weakness into a state of affinity, allowing each element to fulfill its capabilities, it is the merging of subject and object upon the directions of the compass, an integration of the relationships within basic structures. Self-configuration optimises the positive and negative, creating an organism that in objective conditions, is in line with the rules for growth.




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