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Solo Exhibition

2016    “Forest:The 5th Category- Li Zi Solo Exhibition”,e Museum of Contemporary Art, Shenzhen,China

2015    “The Shadow of Sense” Li Zi’ s New Art Show, Bridge Gallery, Shenzhen, China

2014    “The Shadow of Sense” Li Zi’ s Contemporary Art Show , Bridge Gallery, Beijing, China

2014    “Moisterles” Li Zi’ s Contemporary Art Show , Fabrik GALLERY, HK, China

2013    “160 Decibels”---- Li Zi’ s Contemporary Art Show, Yue Gallery, China

2012    “LOST” Li Zi Contemporary Painting Solo Show, Director's House, Berlin , Germany

2010    “Asura” Li Zi Contemporary Painting Solo Show, Shanghai Zhongbang Gallery, Shanghai, China

2007    “The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sitra•Manjusaka” Li Zi Contemporary Painting Solo Show, Shenzhen Art Museum, China


Group Show

2016    “‘Female.Be on the Seene’Painting Exhibition”,JIN YUE XUAN Gallery, Changchun,China

            “160DB”- Luxembourg Art Fair, Luxexpo, Luxembourg

           “Free-contemporary Oil Painting Masters Invitation Exhibition”,INK NOT INK CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM

           “HISTORICODE:Scarcity&Supply”-The 3th Nanjing International Art Festival,BJL Museum,Nanjing,China

           “VISIONSfrom(of) CHINA”: MYSTERIES-The Solo Project of Li Zi,Il Ponte Contemporanea,Rome,Italy

       “[ ‘Micro Experiences’] Hidden Realm- 2016 Chinese Contemporary Art“SHENZHEN ART MUSEUM, Shen Zhen, China

           “Fire Whitin:A New Generation of Chinese Women Artist”, Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, Michigan, USA

           “the-solo-project | Contemporary art fair”,Basel,Switzerland

           Micro Experiences-The Young ArtistsPromotion Platflorm of ICIF, ShenzhenConference&ExhibitionCenter, Shenzhen, China

            “All about Artist-2016 China Art Exposition Tour”, Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, US

2015    "The Eagle Shooting Heroes”- The Chinese contemporary young artists finding plan- The first exhibition,TODAY ART MUSEUM,Beijing,China

            "Spring" Female Artists Exhibition, FORBIDDEN CITY GALLERY, Shanghai, China

            “New sense - China's new generation of Female Art Invitation Exhibition”,Iyishu Gallery, Shanghai, China

            The concept and language of "Image research room second times" in the process of painting, Rightview Art Museum , Beijing, China  

            “Wandering“-International Exhibition of contemporary artists Chinese diffuse, Czech Nemo Tana Palace, Rome, Italy

            "Italian Stapleton, International Art Festival”- contemporary oil painting art exhibition, Municipal Art Museum, Stapleton, Italy

2014    "Pink common" Contemporary Female Artists Invitation Exhibition, Xinjiang Contemporary Art Museum, Xinjiang, China

            "70, 80, 90" A3 art Plan Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan, China

            "Reconstruction and Exploration" New Contemporary Art Exhibition, Peninsula Collectors Cultural Arts Center Exhibition Hall, Sanya, China



            “Pain”-  The New Contemporary Art Exhibition,Tree Art Museum, Beijing, China

2013    "Outside painting" Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition, Blue Flame Art Space, Shanghai, China

            “Landscape in Front – Landscape as the Background” A Dialogue Exhibition about Easel Painting after Non-easel Trend,Feima Art Museum, Chengdu

            “Beyond Painting” Contemporary Art Invitation Show, Blue Flame Art Space, Shanghai

            “Yearning” Contemporary Chinese Artists Invitation Show, Rome Culture Department, Italy,The Art Museum of Rome Council, Egypt

            “Sudden Change” New Narrative Spirit Painting Show, Beijing Comtemporary Art Gallery, Beijing, China

2012    “Beyond the Flesh” Contemporary Show, Roth’s Art Gallery of Hodel College, Washington, US

            “Harmony but not sameness” Contemporary Art Show, Beijing Contemporary Art Gallery, Beijing, China

            “Her Gaze” Eastern & Western Female Artists’ Associated Show, Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan, China

            “Observation” VS “Meditation” 2012 Contemporary Art Invitation Show, Nest Art Center, Chengdu, China

            “Sichuan New Trend Contemporary Art Invitation Show” , Malaysia

            “Her Art” Contemporary Female Artists Associated Show, Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 2011   "Spark"- Chinese Contemporary Invitational, Dan tang Today’s Art Center, Xichang

            “Percorso (Across)  - Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition II”,  Museum of Monreale Palermo, Sicily, Italy

            “Retrospect and Prospect” Hubei Oil Painting Art Show, Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan, China

            “Lycorisradiata” Contemporary Art Show, Qianshe  Art gallery, Beijing, China

2010   “Percorso (Across) - Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition I”, Spoletto Old City Art Gallery, Spoletto, Italy

           “Untitled” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hubei Institutes of Fine Arts Gallery, Wuhan, China

           “X Interspace” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hubei Institutes of Fine Arts Gallery, Wuhan, China

           “Reread” Wuhan Contemporary Art Ecological Explore Exhibition, New World Art  Museum, Wuhan, China

           “Representational Study” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Times Art Gallery, Beijing, China

           “Young Generation”: Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, JoyArt, Beijing, China

           “Invisible Wing”: Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Times Gallery, Beijing, China

2009   “Wuchang HIHI” Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Bi’an Gallery, Shenzhen, China

           “New Cultural Aesthetics”: Art Works Exhibition, Ge Feng Art Center, Shenzhen, China

           “China”—Eight Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Lazio, Italy

            Green—Contemporary Art Exhibition, International Trade Exhibit, Beijing, China

2008   “Good Season”—Contemporary Female Artists Exhibition, New World Gallery, Wuhan, China

           “Declaration of the Only Child”—Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, New Age Art Gallery, Beijing, China

           “Hot City” Four Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Top Red Art Gallery, Beijing, China

           “Future Sky — Chinese Contemporary Young Artists Nominated Exhibition”, China National Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

           “Everything Has Changed”—Contemporary Art Exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery, Shijiazhuang, China

2007   Let Alone—Five Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Wuhan, China

           “Liberalismo”—Four Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Rome, Italy

           Dream South—Chinese Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, GeFeng Art Center,  Shenzhen, China

 Chinese New Strength Art Invitational Exhibition , Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China

           New Vision 07 – Graduate Excellent Works Exhibition of National Fine Arts Colleges, He Xiang Ning Art museum, Shenzhen, China

           “99 Tents, 99 Dreams”—Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Left Right Art Zone, Beijing, China

           “Un-Collectivism” Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Soka Contemporary Space, Beijing, China         

          “Focus”—Contemporary Art Exhibition, GeFeng Art Center, Shenzhen, China

2006   13 Classmates United Exhibition, Hubei Institutes of Fine Arts Gallery, Wuhan, China

           Academy Exhibition of 9 National Fine Arts Institutes, Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

2005   A.O.E—Modern Art Exhibition, Hubei Institutes of Fine Arts Gallery, Wuhan, China

           Whisper—Modern Arts Exhibition, Wuhan Jianzhuang Life Square, Wuhan, China

2003   Hubei Oil Painting Exhibition, Wuhan, China, Award of Excellence









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