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Shen Fan
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Individual exhibition
2012 Shanshui 9210 - Shen fan solo exhibition, xiangner h space, Shanghai
2011 Shen fan video painting exhibition, Carol Johnson Gallery, Munich, Germany
2009 shenfan landscape, shenfan solo exhibition, xianggena, 796 Huaihai Road, Shanghai
2008 Shen fan - Chinese abstract, Carol Johnson Gallery, Munich, Germany
Visit the usher Gallery; the Lincoln collection, Lincoln, UK
Collection, Shen fan solo exhibition, the collection studio, Lincoln, UK
Shen fan solo exhibition, ravenscourt Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2005 Shen fan, gallery 55, Bangkok, Thailand
No access, bridge 8, Shanghai
2004 Shen fan, Jochen holtje Gallery, tibingen, Germany
Bassom, China Contemporary Gallery, London, UK
2003 Shen fanxin series exhibition, Walsh Gallery, Chicago, USA
Shen fan's paintings, developing abstract art in Shanghai, goodhouse Contemporary Gallery, New York, USA
2000 new works exhibition of Shen fan, main space of xiangner Gallery, Shanghai
Shen fan, China Contemporary Gallery, London, UK
1998 shenfan, 14.1 Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany
Shen fan, China Contemporary Gallery, London, UK
Shenfan ceramic art works, European Ceramic Art Center, danbers, the Netherlands
1997 Shen fan, Consulate General of France in Shanghai, Shanghai
No / limited space, German Consulate General in Shanghai, Shanghai
1988 shenfan art exhibition, Max Planck Institute, tibingen, Germany
Shen fan's paper works exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum
Group exhibition
2013 Paper Art Design Invitation Exhibition, RUIO 3 / F, Shanghai
Clutch (closed on September 19, October 1, 2, 3, 2013), xiangner h space, Shanghai
Image, opening exhibition of the new Himalayan Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Reread, shangner, Singapore, Singapore
Basic work, xiangner h space, Shanghai
2012 pictures and words: since Magritte, China Art Museum, Beijing
In contemporary - 2012 Chinese oil painting Biennale, China Art Museum, Beijing
Huajing, a new image of Chinese contemporary art, Tiancheng international, Hong Kong
"Ink" measures height and depth
Representation of beauty -- art works exhibition of Huashan School of beauty, Xuhui Art Museum, Shanghai, China
After the end of pen and ink in 2011: Chinese landscape, natural color art museum, Suzhou, China
The second case of Contemporary Art Literature: "let's talk about money - the first international fax art exhibition in Shanghai 1996", xiangner Taopu exhibition library, Shanghai
Brussels Oriental Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
Passion, main space of xiangner Gallery, Shanghai
2010 Liancheng Jue, post art, Shanghai
One by one, group exhibition of xiangner Gallery, main space of xiangner Gallery, Shanghai
The first nano art exhibition, science and technology culture center, Suzhou
Above Shanghai, contemporary art exhibition, Epson studio, Shanghai
New ink and wash art gallery, Hong Kong
Cultural Shanghai, Shanghai artists concerned by Fahrenheit, Huashi Gallery, Shanghai
Shanghai, San Francisco Museum of Asian art, San Francisco, USA
2009 out of Shanghai, Museum of non figurative art, odendoff, Germany
Shanghai beach, 1979-2009, Shanghai
Aesthetics and environment - different from person to person, Taipei Museum of contemporary art, Taiwan
On paper, xiangner artists group exhibition, xiangner in 798 Huaihai Road, Shanghai
2008 Duolun 5 years, retrospective exhibition of Chinese contemporary art, Duolun Art Museum, Shanghai
The Yangtze River Delta art exhibition, 1978-2008, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai
PuJie shenfan, artchina, Hamburg, Germany
And it's all me, self portraits of 21 Chinese artists, OFOTO Gallery, Shanghai
Chenxiang, opening exhibition of Shanghai shipingxian Art Museum, shipingxian Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Another experiment, contemporary new abstraction, K Gallery, Chengdu
New signature in art, special opening exhibition of confidant Gallery
Shanghai kaleidoscope, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada
2007 China Art Week, prism: new media art exhibition, gallery of the Austrian prime minister's office, Vienna
Projects shot, more than 40 Chinese artists / more than 50 projects shot, Ke · Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai
Night, 2007 Shanghai artist nominated works invitation exhibition, Shanghai Yuandian Gallery, Shanghai, China
Paper. Shang, Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts, Guangzhou, China
One person, one year, Shanghai Oriental red Gallery, Shanghai
Line, Chinese contemporary abstract art exhibition, Suhe art, Shanghai
Contemporary presentation, Shanghai "Wujiaochang 800" art space opening invitation exhibition, Wujiaochang 800, Shanghai
2006 6th Shanghai Biennale, super design, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Add color to your life, Oman collection, Tokyo, Japan
In the name of things, Haishangshan Art Center, Shanghai
Wei. Miao, Xuhui Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2006 Shanghai abstract art exhibition, Mingyuan Art Center, Shanghai, China
Contemporary Chinese art, Karsten Greve Gallery, Cologne, Germany
2005 alien and illusion, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Naturally, origin Gallery, Shanghai
2004 of course - Shanghai Modern Painting Invitation Exhibition, Hanrui studio, Shanghai
China - abstract, Carol Johnson Gallery, Munich, Germany
Shanghai abstract, Mingyuan Art Center, Shanghai, China
Diversity space, Duolun Modern Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2003 is me, Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, Shanxi
Chinese minimalism, century altar Museum of art, Beijing; Anderson Museum of art, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA
Sit down, Yisi Gallery, Shanghai
Maritime style, Shanghai contemporary art exhibition, Stanford Plaza Building Center, Hamburg, Germany
2002, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui modern art exhibition, Swiss Consulate General in Shanghai, Shanghai
Two Shanghai abstract artists, Ding Yi Shen fan, shangner Gallery main space, Shanghai
Shen fan develops abstract art in Shanghai, goodhouse Contemporary Gallery, New York, USA
Three Asian artists, Joho Gallery, tibingen, Germany
Abstract new world theory, 2002, Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai
Metaphysical 2002, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
Chinese art exhibition, Museum of art in Cooper, Duisburg, Germany
East + West China contemporary art exhibition, kuenstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria
24:30 Contemporary Artists Exchange Exhibition, Biyi Art Center, Shanghai
2001 beyond, Walsh Gallery, Chicago, USA
Transparency - non transparency, Paris, Brussels, Barcelona
Chinese contemporary art, Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery, Miami, USA
Vision and hearing, Carol johnssen Gallery, Germany, Munich
Gallery opening exhibition, MacLehose Gallery, New York, USA
Shanghai abstract art exhibition 2001, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2000 red, Shanghai top Gallery, Shanghai
Below, Shanghai
Collection exhibition of Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Artist Gallery, 14.1 Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany
Shanghai 2000, Walsh Gallery, Chicago, USA
Beyond, Walsh Gallery, Chicago, USA
China Korea Japan modern art exhibition, Changning District Culture and Art Center, Shanghai
1999 difference and perception, Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai
Things are different, photography exhibition, Shanghai
Urban abstraction, School of fine arts, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China
New Shanghai abstract art exhibition, Shanghai
99 'welcome to the century ceramic art exhibition, Central Academy of Arts and crafts, Beijing, China
China Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition,


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