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Song Yonghong
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                1966      Born in Quyang County, Hebei Province, China

                   1988      Graduated from Department of Prints and Lithographyin Zhejiang Art Academy (now, China Academy of Fine Arts)

                   1988-1997       Taught at Beijing Arts and Crafts College (now, Beijing School of Design)

                    Lives and works in Beijing


Solo Exhibitions

                   2008      Desire Square· Solo Exhibition by Song Yonghong 2008, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou

                Song Yonghong's Paintings 1996-2007, Hong Kong Arts Center, Hong Kong

                   2007      Solo Exhibitions 2007, Weibang Gallery, Seoul

                         Song Yonghong Block Print, Xianghai Gallery, Shanghai

                   2006      Blissful Garden, Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing

                   2002      Bathof Consolation- Print Works, Shifang Art Center, Beijing

  Bathof Consolation,Hanart T.Z. Gallery, Hong Kong

                Bathof Consolation- Sketches, Shanghe Chejian Gallery, Kunming, Yunnan Province

                   2001      Bathof Consolation, Museum of Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing

                   1995      Scorching Reality, Hanart T.Z. Gallery, Hong Kong


Group Exhibitions

                   2007      Now. Shanghai, Art Now Gallery, Shanghai

                Post-Martial Lao vs. Post -89, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Taizhong, Taiwan

                Compare-contrast: Contemporary Art in Cross-strait, Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing   

       ARROGANCE&ROMANCE, Ordos Art Museum      

 "MOLI" 15 Chinese Contemporary Artists in Art Seasons, Lake Zurich

   Summer Exhibition, O Gallery, Beijing   

   The Supplemental History: Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou

                `85 New Wave -The Birth of Chinese Contemporary Art, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing

2006      First Annual China Contemporary Art Exhibition, China Millennium Museum, Beijing

                         The Strength on Paper, Seasons Gallery, Beijing

                False and Truth-Rediscovery of Asian Contemporary Art, Henry Art Foundation, Seoul, Korea  

               Chinese Contemporary Oil Paintings of Six Artists, Wall Cultural Art Center, Beijing

                Fancy Reality-Group Prints Exhibition of Sixteen Artists, Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing

                Song Yongping, Song Yonghong - 2 Person Exhibition, Hanart T.Z. Gallery, Hong Kong

               MegartStore Not for Sale, Hong Kong Cultural Museum, Hong Kong

2005      The Wall, Reshaping Contemporary Chinese Art History, China Millennium Museum, Beijing/ New York State University 

                in Buffalo, Anderson Gallery, Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.

  Landing on Reality, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea  

  Tomorrow, No Looking Back, Guandu Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

  Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition LIMN Gallery, San Francisco, U.S.A.

                         Perspective Woman, Green T. House Gallery, Beijing

  Unmistaken Process, Taikang Space, Beijing

  Cloud-Rain, Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing

               Stoneface, Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing/ Shanghai Duolun Art Museum, Shanghai

               Borders of Contemporary Chinese Art History, China Millennium Museum, Beijing/Museum of New York State University 

               in Buffalo, Buffalo, New York

                   2004      Selected Exhibition of Art Archives, Hubei Museum, Wuhan

  Huajiadi, China Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing

                Twentieth Anniversary of Hanart T.Z. Gallery, Hong Kong Art Center Bao Gallery, Hong Kong

                Products of Reform: Chinese Contemporary Art, Sanbaolong Art Center, Indonesia

                   2003      Multiple Visions, Shanghai Art Jing Gallery, Shanghai

                Today Chinese Art Exhibition, China Millennium Gallery, Beijing

 Contemporary Chinese Art, Indonesia National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

                New Generation and Post Reform, Yanhuang Art Gallery/Huan Bitang Gallery, Beijing

  Deference-3 Person Show, Hailai Gallery, Shanghai

                   2002      Let's Go, China Millennium Gallery, Beijing

                         Half Contemporary, Art Seasons Galeery, Singapore

               The Guangzhou Contemporary Art Triennial – Re-examination: Ten Years of Chinese Experimental Art (1990-2000), 

                Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou, Guangdong province

               The First Triennial of Chinese Art, GuangzhouArt Museum, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

2001      Towards a New Image - the First Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum, Chengdu, China

                   2000      Future, Macau Art Center, Macau

1999      1999 China Contemporary Art Exhibition LIMN Gallery, San Francisco, U.S.A

1998      Tuibian, Traveling Exhibition in New York, San Francisco, Canada and Hong Kong

1997      Two Brother's Exhibition-with Song yongping, Hanart T.Z. Gallery, Hong Kong

                         Quotations Marks-Chinese Contemporary Art,Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

                         ChinaNew Art, Helsinki Art Museum, Finland

                                  China!traveling exhibition in Germany, Austria, Poland and Denmark

1995      Fifteen Years of Chinese Avant-Garde Art, Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum, Spain

               Coming Out of National Ideology – China New Art Exhibition, International Avant- Garde Art Center, Hamburg, Germany

                  1993      Mao Goes Pop, Australia Contemporary Art Museum, Sydney, Australia

                         Post-89 New Chinese Art,Hong Kong Art Center, Hong Kong

         1992       First Guangzhou 90's Art Biennale, Guangzhou, Guangdong province

                   1991      New Generation Art Exhibition, China History Museum, Beijing

1990      Two Persons Exhibition-with Wang Jinsong, Beijing Modern Gallery, Beijing

                   1989      ChinaContemporary Art Exhibition, China National Art Gallery, Beijing

                   1988      Conference on Contemporary Art, Huangshan, Anhui Province

                Alien Environment-Series, Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

1986      Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition, Cooperated with Song Yongping in Performance "An Experience of a location",

                Taiyuan, Shanxi Province


Publications on

Sanlian Weekly,Contemporary Art, Art Contemporary, New Tide, Meishu, Xiongshi Meishu, Art New Trend, Asian Art, Time Magazine, Nanhua Morning Newspaper, Beijing Youth Newspaper, Oil Painting, Art Document, China Contemporary Art, China Eighties' Contemporary Art History, Meiyuan, Chinese Avant-garde Art, China Nineties' Contemporary Art, Art, Life, New Trends, To Believe Art or Artists, Contemporary Artists, Twenty First Century, Art Nobles, 100 Most Influential Artists in Contemporary Chinese Art, China Daily, China Literati, Weekend Journal, New Beijing Newspaper, Meishu Xingkong


Critique Essays

"Ridicule and Self-Mockery" Zhou Yan

" 'Bordom' in Contemporary Chinese Art – Explicating Cynical Realism" Li Xianting

"Scorching Intuitive Reality" Li Xianting

"Anxiety of New Life" Zhang Songren

"Introducing Song Yonghong" Karen Smith

"Phonography of Things" Eric Wear

"Happiness in Self-consolation – Song Yonghong's Shower Series" Li Xianting

"A Realist's Shower of Demon Expellsion" Qiu Zhijie

"Two Versions of Substractive Oil Paintings - Ten Years Itchiness" Shu Kewen

"Song Yonghong Shower" Huang Liaoyuan

"Artists Can be Recorded in History" Li Xianting


Collected by

ShanghaiArt Gallery, Shanghai

GuangdongProvincial Art Gallery, Guangzhou

ShangheArt Gallery, Chengdu

San Francisco Contemporary Art Museum, U.S.A.

LoganCollection, U.S.A.

Oversea Art Company, U.S.A.

Miles Young Collection, U.K.

FengPingshan Art Gallery, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong

Hong KongArt Center, Hong Kong

Hong Kong China Society, Hong Kong

Hanart T.Z. Gallery, Hong Kong

Art Document Publications, Hubei


Personal Collection

Fang Lijun, Beijing

Zhang Xiaogang, Beijing

Zhang Rui, Beijing

Li Guochang, Beijing

Huang Liaoyuan, Beijing

Han Congwu, Beijing

Tang Ju, Shandong

Guan Yi, Shandong

Zhang Shiping, Hebei

Lin Xiaodong, Beijing

Mee Gallery, Korea

Personal Collection in Anhui, Inner Mongolia, Beijing, San Francisco, Finland


  • Overlook of Mizhi from Xanadu of Li Zicheng
    Category: Watercolour on Paper

  • A Youth
    Category: Woodcut

  • Morning
    Category: Serigraph

  • The Bath of Consolation
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Factory
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Laughing in Spite
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • The Comforting Bath No.6
    Category: Serigraph

  • The Comforting Bath No.5
    Category: Serigraph

  • Chat
    Category: Watercolour on Paper

  • Lovers
    Category: Woodcut

  • Landscape
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • The Bath of Consolation
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Diving
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Revived Memory
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • The Comforting Bath No.3
    Category: Serigraph

  • The Comforting Bath 2003
    Category: Serigraph

  • North Bank of Shahe Reservoir
    Category: Watercolour on Paper

  • Scenery
    Category: Woodcut

  • Wind
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • The Bath of Consolation
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Hong Kong Series
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Lovers
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • The Comforting Bath No.1
    Category: Serigraph

  • Spring Sunshine
    Category: Oil/canvas


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