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Wang Jinsong
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                  1963      Born in Heilongjiang Province, China

                   1987      Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, China

                   Currently teaches in the Fine Arts Department, Beijing Institute of Education


Solo Exhibitions
                   2009      Leaving some room for imagination—Dual Exhibition of Li Jikai and Wang Jinsong Dialogue Space, Beijing

                   2007      The Paintings of Wang Jinsong, Weibang Gallery, Seoul

                                  Wang Jinsong: Conceptual Photography, New York 798 Avant Gallery, US

                                  The Wendow of China-Wang Jinsong, Conceptual Photography Vanessa art link, Indonesia

                                  Wang Jinsong Art Exhibition, Galeria Dolores De Sierra, Madrid

                   2006      Wang Jinsong: Conceptual Photography, Century Wall Culture Art Center, Beijing

                                   Recent Works by Wang Jinsong Goedhuis Contemporary, GOEDHUIS Gallery,New York

                   2003      Operation Liberate Ink Paintings by Wang Jinsong, Longmarch Space, Beijing

                   2002      The Paintings of Wang Jinsong, Goedhuis Contemporary, New York


Group Exhibitions

                   2009      Scent of Ink-Group Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary, Dialogue Space, Beijing

                                  Gemeinsam in Bewegung- Zeitgenössische Kunst aus Deutschland und China, Kunstmuseum Wuhan, China

                   2008      55 Days in Valencia: Chinese Art Meeting Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno(IVAM), Spain

                                  Chargé de mission Exposition Chine 2008 Art Charity China 2008 China Contemporary Art International, Beijing,

                                  Tokyo, Hong Kong

                           The 23RD Asian International Art Exhibition, Guangzhou

                           What Chinese Expressions in the History of Portrait Photography, MR Gallery, Beijing

                          Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine/ IFA/ Observatoire de l'architecture de la Chine contemporaine, Paris

                         Vanguardias Chinas Galeria de Arte Dolores de Sierra, Madrid, Spain

                         Let's Go to Shanghai, Beijing Art New Gallery, Shanghai

                   2007      Joint Exhibition of Photograph Works, the First Sound Gallery, Beijing

                                  Post-Martial Law vs. Post- 1989, the Contemporary Art in Taiwan and China National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, 


                   1997-2007       A Wakening from a Ten- Year Long Sleep, HJY Art Center, Beijing

                                  Long March Project to hold 5 year retrospective, Longmarch Space, Beijing

                         Mood and Characteristic of Painting, L.A.Gallery Beijing, Beijing

                         Common Link, Vanessa art link, Beijing

                         Du-Exhibitions of Contemporary Chinese Water and Ink Painting, Huitai art Center, Tanjin

                         FOCUS2 China-Korea Contemporary Exhibition, Soka Contemporary Space, Beijing

                        1st Annals Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Millennium Art Museum, Beijing

          2005      The Wall -- Reshaping Contemporary Chinese Art, Millennium Art Museum, Beijing
                         Albright-Knox Art Gallery, New York

                        Contemporary Chinese Photography, Israel

                        Clouds, Rain, TS1 Art Center, Beijing

                        International Biennale of Contemporary Art Prague 2005 National Gallery, Prague

         2004      The 19th Asian International Art Exhibition-China, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan

                        The Chinese Contemporary Photography and Vidio in China, Wolf sburg Kunst Museum, Germany

                        Over One Billion Served: Contemporary Chinese Photography, Denver

                        Dot/Proliferation and Penetration-Visual Expression of Paper and Ink Art, National Gallery of Malaysia

        2003       A Strange Heaven-contemporary Chinese Photography, Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague

        2002       On the Edge of the Millennium: New Art from China, Goedhuis Contemporary, New York and London

                        New Photography From China, Courtyard Gallery, Beijing

                         Mask and Face, Beijing

                         Making China, New York

                         The First Guangzhou Triennial, Guangzhou

                         The First Triennial of Chinese Art, Guangzhou

         2001       Lust of city : conceptual photograph exhibition by four artists, Beijing

                         FotoFestival Naarden, Holland

               Constructed Reality- Beijing / Hong Kong / Conceptual Photography, Beijing; Hong Kong

               Cross-pressures,Contemporary Photography and Video from Beijing Oulu , Helsinki

                PART 1 - China Art Exhibition, London

2000      The Home: The Proposal of Modern Art, Shanghai

                EXPO 2000, Hanover, Germany

                Post-Material, Beijing

                About me: Chinese Experimental Photography, Shanghai

1999       City Scenes, Denver, USA

                Fifty years inside the People's Republic of China, Aperture foundation ,USA

                Representing the People, UK

                Beijing-London, ICA, UK

                The Traditional Visual Image, Shanghai

1998       Double Kitsch: Painters from China, Max Protetch Gallery, New York

                80 Artistes Author du Mondial, France

                Space and Vision, Beijing

                Inside out New York , San Francisco , Mexico, Hong Kong

1997       Immutability and Fashion Tokyo, Osaka, Japan

                Demonstration of Video Art1997, Beijing

                Photography and Video From China, Max Protetch Gallery, New York

1996       Models from the Masses, Beijing

                   1995       History of Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, Brussels

                   1994       Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting, Hong Kong

1993       China avant-garde, Berlin, Rotterdam, Oxford

                China's New Art, Post-1989, Hong Kong, Sydney, Oxford

1992       Guangzhou Biennial Exhibition, Guangzhou

                   1991       New Generation Art Exhibition, Beijing

                   1990       New Image Art, Exhibition-Wang Jinsong And Song Yonghong, Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing


  • Ink Landscape No.106
    Category: Chinese Ink on paper

  • Ink Landscape No.75
    Category: Chinese Ink on paper

  • Flower No.53
    Category: Chinese Ink on paper

  • Grand Choir
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Portrait Ink Painting No.126
    Category: Oil on Fiberboard

  • Ink Landscape No.104
    Category: Chinese Ink on paper

  • Ink Landscape No.74
    Category: Chinese Ink on paper

  • Photography Taken Before Tian'anmeng Square
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Trimed branches
    Category: Serigraph

  • China Ink Portrait
    Category: Oil on Fiberboard

  • Ink Landscape No.76
    Category: Chinese Ink on paper

  • Performance· Singing
    Category: Serigraph

  • Great Sunny Day No.1
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Graduating Photograph
    Category: Serigraph



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