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Wu Mingzhong
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                 1963       Born in Hebei province, China

                 1988       Graduated from the Fine Arts Dept.of Hebei teachers College, BFA

                 1997       Graduated from the Fine Arts Dept.of Capital Normal University, MFA

                  2003-2004  The visiting scholar of Repin State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Russia

                  2005       Visiting scholar of State University of New York at Buffalo in USA.

Currently lives in Beijing. Associate Professor of College of Fine Arts, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China


Solo Exhibitions

                  2011       Hi, 2011- Wu Mingzhong Solo Exhibition, Leeann Gallery, Korea

                  2009       Fake Authenticity – Wu Mingzhong Solo Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

                  2007       Hey, Be careful – Wu Mingzhong Solo Exhibition, Xin Dong Cheng Space for Art, Contemporary Beijing, China

                         Implosion – Art Work of Wu Mingzhong, Gallery Beijing Space, Beijing,China

        2006       Chinese Reporting – Oil Paintings of Wu Mingzhong, 798 Avant Gallery, New York, USA

        2004       Wu Mingzhong Painting Exhibition – the Visiting Scholar of Repin Academy of Fine Arts, Art Museum of Capital Normal 

                        University, Beijing, China


Group Exhibitions

                  2010       Negotiation – The Second Today's Documents, Today Art Museum Beijing, China Reshaping History – Chinart from

                                  2000 to 2009, China National Convention Centre, China China Welcomes You, Oldenburg Museum, Germany

                  2009       Historical Image – China's Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition, Shenzhen Art Museum, China

               Speak·Describe – 2009 Cross-Strait Contemporary Art, Taiwan Art Museum, Taiwan, The National Museum of Fine 

               Art, Beijing

                        Beijing-Havana, the Revolution of Art, the National Museum of Fine Art, Cuba

                        Serious Condition – 12 Contemporary Artists Show, Wall Art Gallery, Beijing, China

        2008       Shanghai Biennale 2008, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China YOU niverse- Biennale of Seville Monastery de Ntra.

                        Sra. De las Cuevas, Spain

               Beijing-Athens: Contemporary Art from China, Greek Athens National Contemporary Art Center, Athens, Greece

                         Accelerate: Chinese Contemporary Art, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

                        "Chinese Reputation - Influence", Osage Gallery, Hong Kong

                         Let's Consume, Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art, 2008, Beijing, China

        2007       Chinese Contemporary SOCART, the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

                         Pocheon Asia Biennale 2007, Pocheon, Korea

               The Thermocline – New Asian Waves, ZKM Museum, Karlsruhe, Germany Floating – New Generation Art in China,

               Korea National Museum of Modern Art, Korea

               "Chinese Whispers" – Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Osage Gallery, Hong Kong

                        ChinaContemporary Art Exhibition, China Visual Arts Center, Beijing, China

               The Power of the Universe – An Exhibition the Frontier of Contemporary Chinese Art, Asia Art Center, Beijing, China

                A New Realm – A Grand Vision of Contemporary Chinese Art, Soka Art Center, Taipei Shanghai Art Expo –

               International Modern Art, Shanghai Expo Center, China

               37'BaselInternational Contemporary Art Fail, Basel, Switzerland

               Re-excavate the Contemporary Realism, Soka Art Center/Soka Contemporary Space, Beijing, China

2005      Grounding Reality–New Chinese Contemporary Art, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea Chinese Young Artist Fine Works

               Exhibition-The Second Beijing International Art Biennale 2005, The Art Museum of China Millennium Monument,

               Beijing, China

               BeijingArt Document Exhibition, Beijing, China

                        "So beautiful Landscape" painting Exhibition, Baiwang Gallery, Beijing, China

                Born in China–Chinese Contemporary Art, Goedhuis Contemporary Gallery, New York, USA

2004       The Nominative Exhibition of Youth Artists Exhibition 1960'-1970', Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

2003       Embracing the New Century Third China National Exhibition of Oil Paintings, National Museum of Fine Art, Beijing, China

                         Chinese Art Today, The Art Museum of China Millennium Monument, Beijing, China

          2000      The Academic Exhibition of Beijing Oil Painting, Huanyu Sutra Gallery, Beijing, China

                 1999       Juxtapositions-Seven Painters, National Museum of Fine Art, Beijing, China

                 1998       The Academic Exhibition of Beijing Youth Oil Painters, Art Gallery of Beijing International Art Palace, Beijing, China


  • Listening to Pines 2011-5
    Category: Acrylic on Canvas

  • Hey, Be Careful! 2007-6
    Category: Serigraph

  • No Comment!
    Category: Acrylic on Canvas

  • Handle with care,Buddy! 2007
    Category: Acrylic on Canvas

  • How Long Will the Love Last?
    Category: Serigraph

  • Between Heaven and Earth No.11
    Category: Acrylic on Canvas

  • New Myth
    Category: Acrylic on Canvas

  • Buttoms up 2005!
    Category: Acrylic on Canvas

  • Do Not Touch! No.3
    Category: Acrylic on Canvas

  • Night Life in Beijing
    Category: Serigraph

  • Eat Up!
    Category: Serigraph

  • Untitled
    Category: Acrylic on Canvas

  • Handle with Care,Buddy! 2008-1
    Category: Acrylic on Canvas

  • Hi, Baby !
    Category: Serigraph


Wu Mingzhong Solo Exhibition- Fake Authentici

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