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Chen Wenling
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1969       Born in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China

Graduated from Xiamen Academy of Art and Design Completed Study in Sculpture Dept and then Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Professional Artist, now Works and Lives in Beijing, China


Solo Exhibitions:

2012      “Exotic Landscapes - Chen wenling's New work”, PIN Gallery, Beijing, China
               “Chinese scenery - Chen wenling's Show”, Marina Bay Sands Art Center, Singapore

 2010      "The Suspense"-Sculptures By Chen Wenling 2010, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

               "What You See Is Real"-Chen Wenling Solo-Exhibition, Odetoart, Singapore

2009      "Emergency Exit" - Sculptures By Chen Wenling 2009, JoyArt, Beijing, China

2008      "God of Materialism" - Sculptures By Chen Wenling 2008, Asia Art Center, Beijing, China

2007      Metamorphose Chen Wenling Exhibition, Makii Masaru Fine Arts, Japan

2006      Chen Wenling's Sculpture Solo Exhibition, Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China

2004      "Happy Life"-Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China

1991      Chen WenLing Woodcarving Show, Xiamen Academy of Art and Design, China


Group Exhibitions:

2012      “Taipei Art International Fair”, Taipei World Trade Center 1, Taipei, China
               “Re-history Chinese Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition”, Shenzhen; Shijiazhuang; Beijing; Wuhan, China
               “Future Pass World Exhibition”, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
               “Looking Awry Exhibition”, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
               “Environment - Spirit Western China International Art Biennale”, Yinchuan cultural Art Center; Tian Ye Art Museum, Yinchuan, China
               “Melbourne Art Fair”, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Austria
               “The First Xinjiang Contemporary Art Biennale”, Xinjiang International Expo Center, Urumqi, China 
               “Naturalmente - Biennale Italia Cina-1st Edition”, Monza Royal Manor, Italy
               “First Chonju Global Biennale”, Chonju, Korea
               “Chinese Contemporary Public Art Exhibition”, Kassel, Germany
               “Ikan International Stone Culture Project”, Iksan, Korea
               “Start From The Horizon - Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Since 1978”, Sishang Art Museum, Beijing, China
               “Returning - LAC Mobile Museum Open Exhibition”, Shanghu Museum, Beijing, China
               “Qingsu Yishu Contemporary Sculpture Art Exhibition”, Financial Street, Beijing, China
               “Lin Quan Gao Zhi - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Linzhou, China
               “Next Gen Booth, Melbourne Affordable Art Fair”, Ausin Tung Gallery, Austria
               “Art Frontier Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China
               “CAFA Sculpture Creation Review Exhibition”, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China
2011      “Mountains Beyond Mountains - Contemporary Art Exhibition”, The Enjoy Museum of Art, Beijing, China

               "Self Camera —— Exterior of the Modern"- Changwon Asia Art Festival, Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon, Korea

               "Unable Absence"- Winshare contemporary art display, Chengdu, China

               7th of the Sculpture by the Sea, Perth, Australia

2010      Busan Biennale -Living in Evolution,Busan Cultural Center,Busan, Korea

               "THE TAO OF NOW"- The White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney, Australia

               "Negotiations"- Today's Document Exhibition, Today's Museum, Beijing, China

                Expo 2010 Jing'An International Sculpture Exhibition, Jing An Park of Sculpture, Shanghai, China

               "Reshaping the History" AIPC Beijing, China

               "And-Writers" –Nanjing Contemporary Double Exhibition, JiangSu Provincial Art Museum New address, Nanjing, China

2009      "A Conversation with Chicago"-Contemporary Sculpture from China, Chicago, USA

2008      Third International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Seville, Spain

               The 3rd Nanjing Triennial - Reflective Asia, Nanjing Museum, Nanjing, China

               Busan Biennale - Expenditure, Busan Museum of Modern Art, Busan, Korea

2007      "China- Facing Reality"- the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, Vienna, Austria

               "Red Hot" - Asian Art Today, The Museum of Fine Art, Houston, USA

2006      "Hyper Design"-Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2005      Second China Art Triennial, Nanjing Art Museum, Nanjing, China

2004      China-Belgium Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Antwerp, Belgium

2003      Chinese Sculpture Masterpieces Exhibition of the Beijing international Biennale, Beijing, China

2002      First China Art Triennial, Guangzhou Art Museum, Guangdong, China

2001      Sculpture Show, Shanghai Young Artists Exhibition, Normal University of Shanghai, China


  • Price:$0.00
    Category: Bronze

  • Handsome Car and Pretty Girl
    Category: Glass reinforced plastics

  • Homunculus
    Category: Glass reinforced plastics

  • Happy Life NO.21
    Category: Glass reinforced plastics

  • Red Memory-Dive
    Category: Bronze

  • This is Not An Elephant
    Category: Mixed media

  • Between Scylla and Charybdis
    Category: Bronze

  • Red Memory-No Big Deal NO.2
    Category: Bronze

  • Red Memory-Shy Boy
    Category: Bronze

  • China Scene No.1
    Category: Mobile

  • Back from the west
    Category: Glass reinforced plastics

  • Red Memory-No Big Deal NO.1
    Category: Bronze


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