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Han Yajuan
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2002       B.A. from the China Academy of Art. Hangzhou, China

2008       M.F.A. from the Oil Painting Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Currently lives and works in Beijing


Solo Exhibitions

2012       "From China with Love," Art ON the Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2011       Eli Klein Fine Art, New York

2009       "Bling Bling", Chinese Contemporary, New York

2008       "Herstory", Marella Gallery, Beijing, China

2008       "Angels from Hell", Olyvia Oriental, London, UK

2007       "Travel Alone", Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

   "Selection of Dreams", Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland

   "Delightful Escape", Project B Contemporary Art, Milan, Italy

   "Beautiful Plan", TaiKang Top Space, Beijing, China

2006       "Milkshakes", Art Beatus, Hong Kong, China


Selected Group Exhibitions

2012       The 3th "12 x 12 cm Project", UNEEC Culture and Education Foundation, Benetton, Italy
                Go Figure! Contemporary Chinese Portraiture, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia / Sherman Contemporary

                Art Foundation, Sydney, Australia
                Latitude—Attitude:Schoeni Art Gallery's 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Parkview Green, Beijing, China/ Hong Kong, China
                CAFAM •FUTURE, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China
                "Animamix" Art @ Knokke-heist, Robinsons Art Gallery, Knokke-Zoute, Belgium
                "Buy Bye", Vue Privée Gallery, Singapore
                "Generation Me: Lot in Transition", Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2011-12 "Future Pass", Palazzo Smith Mangilli Valmanara, Venice, Italy; Kunsthal Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands;

   National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan; Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

   "Surrealist Pop", Landmark Museum, Beijing, China

2010       "Invisible Wings", Times Art Museum, Beijing, China

   "Filter Window", Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China

2009       "Animamix Biennial 2009 – 2010", Shanghai MoCA, Shanghai, China; Today Art Museum, Beijing, China; Guangdong Museum of 

   Art, Guangzhou, China

   "China: The Contemporary Rebirth", Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy

   "Back To Beijing 1", Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland    

   "Real-Life Fairy Tales - the Dream World of Female Artists", Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China

2009       "Translucence - Female Contemporary Art from China", Centrale Électrique, Brussels, Belgium

   "NextNature", Vanessa Art Link, Jakarta, Indonesia

   "The World is a Cartoon", Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland

   "Discover Future", New Age Art Gallery, Beijing, China

   "Beyond Globalization", Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China

   "Metropolis Now - A Selection of Chinese Contemporary Art", Meridian International Center, Washington, DC

   "Milestones", Vanessa Art Link, Jakarta, Indonesia

2008       "Shanghai MoCA Envisage II - Butterfly Dream", MoCA Shanghai, Shanghai, China

   "Fresh Eyes 08 / Negative - 5th Annual Exhibition Of Dissertation Works in Painting From National Art Academies Across China," 

   He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

   "Waiting In The Wings", Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China

   "Asian Contemporary Art", Rudolf Budja Galerie and Olyvia Oriental, Salzburg, Austria

   "Cartoon", Thomas Cohn gallery, Brasil

   "Program Feb to June", 24HR ART Northern Territory Centre for Contemporary Art, Darwin, Australia

   "Free Zone China", BSI Art Collection, Switzerland

   "Beyond Cartoon- Asia Contemporary Art Group Exhibition", Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China

   "Bizarr Flavor" Leehwaik gallery, Seoul, Korea

   70 Post 70's Art Docunmentary Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China

2007       "Animamix Hyper-Link", Moon River Cultural Creative Industry Zone, Beijing, China

   "La Cina e' vicina", Palazzo delle Arti, Naples, Italy

   "BTAP Works in Progress", BTAP, Beijing, China

   "Floating - New Art of China", National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

   "Cartoon Generation", Chinese Contemporary, New York

   "Temptation", Olyvia Oriental, London, UK

   "Animation Exhibition", The Maison des Arts de Creteil, Paris, France; Maubeuge, France

2007       "Works of Han Yajuan", ARCO International Art Fair 2007, with Marella gallery, Madrid, Spain

   "Evolving Memories", JamJar Gallery, Dubai, UAE,

   "Chinese Contemporary", Gowland Ford Gallery, New Zealand

   "MOSAIC Contemporary Art Exhibition", Vanessa Art Link, Beijing, China

2006       "A ticket to Beijing", Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland

   "Painting For Joy ——Beijing Dashanzi International Art Festival B.T.A.P. Programme", Tokyo Gallery , Beijing ,China

   "Fancy·Dream", Marella Gallery in Beijing, China; Marella Gallery in Milano, Italia

   "Fiction@Love / Forever Young Land", MoCA, Shanghai, China

   "Fiction@Love / Twinkling Stars", Bund 18 Creative Center, Shanghai, China

   "Fiction@Love / Ultra New Vision of Contemporary Art", Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

2005       "A Cartoon- Art Exhibition", TaiKang Top Space, Beijing, China

   "Media in 'F' ", Ewha Art Center, Seoul, Korea

   "Archaeology of the Future- the Second Triennial of Chinese Art", Nanjing Museum, Nanjing, China

   "After 70s- the Generation Changed by Market", Yuan Ming Culture & Art Center, Shanghai/Beijing, China

2004       "Shadowing", Contemporary Art Exhibition, Mooma Art+Design Co. Ltd Shanghai, China

2003       "99 Works of Art", Beijing Tokyo Art Project, Beijing, China

   "Return Nature II: Pastoral", An Exhibition Of International Contemporary Art, Sheng Hua Arts Center, Nanjing, China

   "Control Z- Art Exhibition", TaiKang Top Space, Beijing, China

2002       "N-ply Identity- Art Exhibition", Nanjing, China


  • First Pitch
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Fair Draw
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Fixed Point
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Han's Kingdom Of Cows No.01
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • The Backyard
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • House Party
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Play Safe
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Super Starlet
    Category: Mobile

  • Traveling Thinker
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Sharing Life
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Cashmere Mafia N0.02
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Piquenique
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • One and the Same
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Quantum Leap No.02
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Luxury Life Style
    Category: Oil/canvas

  • Beautiful Plan No.02
    Category: Oil/canvas

    Category: Oil/canvas


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