About ArtDepot

ArtDepot is an art institution based in China and is the first one in China to integrate art with technology and to develop iPad apps that showcase works of Chinese artists. Since its foundation in 2009, it has always been a pioneer to combine network technology, App and offline space, dedicating to the spread of contemporary Chinese art across the globe.


The first few apps developed by ArtDepot hit the App Store in January 2011, initiating a brand new mode of transmission of art. Till May 2014, there have been 4 versions of apps developed, apps of 38 artists released and some upgraded. In addition, the bilingual App of ArtDepot went to public in September 2012, and users can get access to the art works of ArtDepot and its latest information on the iPhone and iPad.


From June 2012 to July 2013, ArtDepot set up a space in Cuigezhuang Culture and Art Center, Beijing, and has hold several solo or group exhibitions of artists. Early 2014, ArtDepot set up a space as a platform in the 798 Art Zone in Beijing, to study the development and evolution of contemporary art by integrating the online APP and the offline space as a means of participation and presentation of forms.


The website of ArtDepot (www.artdepot.cn) was formally launched in May 2009, providing online transaction service as well as cutting-edge art news and information.


Holding the publishing rights for the largest quantity of prints, ArtDepot, in 2011, began to dedicate itself to developing exclusive print works of Chinese Artists, which include handmade silkscreen prints and giclee prints. Hopefully in this way, it could take art closer to the public and into the lives of ordinary people.


Now ArtDepot is growing into world top three in terms of integrating art and technology by developing Apple iPad apps for dozens of Chinese artists, owning a space to explore more possibility of exhibiting art, as well as holding the publishing rights for the largest quantity of prints.





ArtDepot at 798 Art Zone (March 2014 -Now)



ArtDepot at Cuigezhuang Art Center (June 2012 - July 2013)