Nipple Confusion Exhibition

2016-06-11 16:52:55

Exhibition: Nipple Confusion

Curator: Echo Li

Date: 28.05.2016 – 28.06.2016

Gallery: ArtDepot Co., Ltd.

Add: No.311 Building 798 Art Zone No.4 Jiuxianqiao

         Road Chaoyang District,100015 Beijing CHINA


If one newborn sucks feeders before it touches the mother’s

nipple, or frequently use feeders, then it will not willing to suck

the nipple. Because the action and skill of sucking nipples are

totally different from sucking feeders, so the newborn will

generate a confusion when contact the mother’s nipple if it is

used to sucking a feeder.

Three artists, from China Academy of Art to Berlin University of

the Arts; from Hangzhou to Berlin, now came back to Beijing,

even their features of artworks are divers, but the core which

connect them is unified and consisted.










Jiang Cheng


140x 120 c m

Oil on Canvas










Ma Jianfeng

《Happy Hour》

Variable Size



Mixed Media










Yang Shenzhong

《Three Squares 1》


Oil、Resin on Wood


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