Pearling In The Mountains of The East
Pearling In The Mountains of The East
February 25, 2024
March 30, 2024
Artdepot, 798 Art District, Beijing

ArtDepot is pleased to announce the presentation of Liu Yufei's second solo exhibition "Pearling In The Mountains of The East" at Beijing's 798 ArtDepot on February 25, 2024. The exhibition displays 13 painting works, 1 installation and 1 video of the artist, systematically combing the artist's creative process and logical structure in recent years, showing the artist's unique way of working and the relationship between the generation of painting images.


The name of the exhibition " Pearling In The Mountains Of The East" comes from“book of the Later Han Dynasty”, which refers to the mountain to take pearls, in the face of treasures in the wrong way, is knowing that there is no fruit but it is futile, but also has the naive firm and resolute; The "Dongshan (mountains of the east)" is a lot of allusions in traditional Chinese culture, it is the expedition in "Book of Songs", but also the Wei and Jin period of the famous recluse of the rest of the place, try to recombine these two words, the " Pearling In The Mountains Of The East ", not as strong as the imagination of strangeness, but very close to Liu Yufei's recent works.


Liu Yufei's way of working has a rigorous logic rarely seen in artists. His personal painting image system was clearly presented in his last solo exhibition, and his recent new works can even glimpse his creative path. He is keenly interested in and meticulously studying Persian miniature painting and Central Asian iconography. Relying on the deconstruction of Tibetan palindrome patterns poems, his paintings have formed a complete image generation structure. Through the evolution and re-creation of illustrations extracted from historical allusions, Liu Yufei's paintings have obtained a strong sense of painting and a new contemporary translation and sublimation.


When the talent is integrated into the artist's continuous stable creation, semantic mining is not easy. Creating serious images is also like pearling, which is far away and makes the artist devoted to.