Polpas Project
February, 2024
Polpas Project

As the core commercial entity of the second phase of the National Convention Center, POLPAS takes "Exquisite Life Meeting place" as its brand positioning, bringing together unlimited creative scene maps and artistic lifestyles in a limited space, allowing art and creativity to intervene in the growth of the city.


In the artistic atmosphere of POLPAS, the Art Warehouse, as an art consultant, designed and landed a large-scale outdoor installation of 4 points and art configuration of 4 lobby Spaces for Beichen Gallery together with its partner artists. The beauty of art is created, transmitted, and shared with more people in the public open space.


In the cooperation between Artdepot and POLPAS, art is integrated into commercial real estate, radiating to the surrounding people, attracting the public to art and narrowing the distance between the public and the mall. Based on the vivid images of birds and cats, the large-scale sculpture designed brings the feeling that can only exist in the natural environment to more urban residents, and brings visual pleasure and mental relaxation to tourists.Kong Lingxin&Joan Farrenkopf 's art installation "We Are all related" shows the openness of POLPAS and the National Convention Center as ports open to the outside world.