The Ring Project
April, 2021
The Ring Project

On April 23, 2021, Chongqing The Ring was officially opened to the public. This project integrates commercial functions and urban functions, breaks the boundary between city and nature, and innovates to create "urban natural community business in the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River".

This time, ArtDepot was invited to provide art and artwork planning and quality control services for Chongqing Hong Kong Land and Chongqing The Ring Park.


About The Ring

The Ring is the first "urban nature community" created by Hong Kong Land Group, and also the first debut project of the new commercial brand "Halo". The whole project includes 170,000 square meters of the shopping center,70,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor urban green park, and two 5A-grade office buildings.


Creative Inspiration


Hoffman creates works of art that can be read as three-dimensional prose. "Shiny" on the other hand, is a work of nonfiction prose written from a personal perspective. Shiny is an optimistic, dynamic, light-hearted, and, in many cases, humorous work of sculpture. With a relaxed technique of expression, it lures the viewer into a multi-level open interpretation.


"Shiny" 's skin is made of 16,500 special metal plates that shine in the sun, that is also the reason why the sculpture was named "Shiny Squirrel". It is 15 meters tall and has a tail nearly 10 meters long. Shiny Squirrel is about the spirit of nature, symbolizing optimism, humor, and enthusiasm. Hoffman was impressed by the sloping landscape of the mountain city, its rich vegetation, and the warm humor of the Chongqing people. You can also see the gleam of curiosity and humor "Shiny Squirrel" greeting you as you make your way back along the loop of the forest walkway in Yorkshire's Halo Shopping Park. He uses animals to evoke discussions in cities, races, and tribes around the world. These forest animals are like nature's messengers, easy to recognize by humans, but also retain an aura of mystery that must be gradually unfolded through the urban dwellers' interpretation.


It is not only a place for people to interact and play, but also a bridge between the city and people, commerce and art.